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Beuchat is a brand which lives and breathes its passion for the sea and whose history is intertwined with that of spearfishing.

Created in 1934, it is the oldest brand and also one of the most innovative. Through its innovations, it has made a major contribution to the birth and development of spearfishing. In this regard, the inventions of the speargun in 1947 and the wetsuit in 1953 were major steps forward; spearfishing fans were now better protected and could enjoy their passion in greater comfort. Our users and the concepts of comfort and useful performance have always been at the heart of Beuchat’s research, along with safety, reliability and durability.
These concerns are reflected in Beuchat’s latest innovations: the revolutionary Trigocamo camouflage wetsuit, the Braca Concept and PreCut System patents, Athena clothing for women, the Roller speargun or the Megatonne sandows.

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