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The SHARK Camo freediving and/or spearfishing mask is the ultimate accessory for those who love the sea.
Match it with the Trigoblack and Redrock wetsuits and the SPY Camo snorkel.

With its new design featuring a camouflage pattern and exceptional features, the new Shark Camo mask from Beuchat redefines the practice of freediving and spearfishing. If you prefer a Shark mask with a simpler design, choose the Beuchat Shark mask in uni colors.
Optimal field of vision:

The Shark’s design offers minimal volume (99 cm3) while providing an optimal field of vision. It is ideal for deep or repetitive apneas.
Clear vision:

Ultra-clear HD lenses deliver ideal clarity, colour and enhanced contrast, ensuring clear vision underwater.
Optimum comfort:

Thanks to the reduced internal volume, compensation movements are considerably reduced, ensuring exceptional comfort during your spearfishing and/or freediving sessions.

Strap with wide retention zone and micro-metrically adjustable buckles for a precise fit and greater comfort.

The design of the strapping has been thought out to offer very low resistance to water. This optimal hydrodynamics is appreciated both when freediving and when moving on the surface.
Stealth mask

The design of the Beuchat Shark mask combines rounded edges to break up the angler’s silhouette like a stealth aircraft. What’s more, the graining on the mask skirt reduces light reflection and accentuates its stealthy character.

More than just a diving accessory, the Beuchat Shark Camo is a reliable partner during your underwater explorations.
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Type Two-lens
Ultra Clear HD Lens ✔
Skirt Silicone
Skirt Width (mm) 117
Weight (gr) 155
Volume (cm3) 99