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Low volume mask
Integrated attachment for a Go Pro type action camera
Huge field of vision
Extremely comfortable silicon skirt

Attachment to hold an action cam to film your dives
Fitted with an integrated holder for a top-mounted Go Pro type action camera
Camera holder located on the top of the mask to avoid impacting the comfort and water tightness of the skirt; camera aligned horizontally to capture images easily within the field of vision of the SCUBA diver or spear-fisher
Rim designed to provide solid support for the holder and the camera
Holder allows the camera to be set at the angle required

Low volume mask
Very small volume (125 cm3) makes the mask ideal for taking pictures while SCUBA diving, free diving, spearfishing or snorkeling.

Great field of vision
Large field of vision ideal for divers who want to:
Keep a close eye on their surroundings and whatever they choose to film
Take advantage of the exceptionally wide angle image covered by the camera

The very small internal volume of the Beuchat GP1 mask reduces the amount of effort needed to equalize pressure. This small volume combines with the micro-adjustable ultra-flexible nonallergic silicon skirt to make the GP1 an extremely comfortable mask to wear. Used with a camera attached, the mask remains securely balanced on the face even during long dives.
Tempered glass lenses