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The TA-200A anti-fog film will keep your favorite mask fog-free while diving underwater. Made with long-lasting durable material, the TA-200A can be installed easily on any 2-window mask and is reusable with proper care.


  • Easy installation
  • Prevents Fogging
  • Fits any 2-window mask
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting durable material


TUSA’s Freedom Film keeps masks fog-free. The film adheres to the inside of the mask lens creating a fog-free experience for the user in one quick step. Similar to installing a screen cover on a cell phone, you are ready to dive in under 2 minutes. Freedom Film is made of a long-lasting durable material, making it reusable and super-economical.  

Freedom Film eliminates problems caused by traditional anti-fog sprays or gels such as continual re-application, needing to carry a bottle at all times, or worse, running out! With this new anti-fog film you do not have to worry about residue that might be left behind when applying a spray or gel. Sprays and gels can irritate eyes when in contact, but the anti-fog film does not! TUSA’s Freedom Film will keep your mask lenses fog-free and enhance your scuba diving experience!  

Each package contains 2 anti-fog film sheets that will fit any 2-window mask on the market.