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Super Compensator Silicone


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The Super Compensator mask is the historical icon of the Beuchat brand, now updated with modern techniques and materials
> Rimless mask implementing frameless injection technology, with the skirt moulded directly onto the lens
> Unobstructed vision thanks to the absence of a central nose piece and no rim
> During ascent to the surface the inclined lens of the mask facilitates and enhances the view upward.
> Gusseted equalisation finger wells ensure only the nasal section of the skirt is distorted during equalisation to avoid compromising the seal (the rest of the skirt is not distorted)
> More robust thanks to frameless technology and to the buckles being assembled directly on the skirt
> Easy, precise adjustment thanks to specific grip zones on the skirt and 3D swivel buckles
> Can also be used as an emergency mask
> Ideal for underwater photography thanks to an unobstructed facial view

For divers looking for an iconic mask with a vast, unobstructed field of vision but who refuse to forego comfort
Fashionable retro look mask The Super Compensator mask, the historical icon of the Beuchat brand, updated with modern techniques and materials
Mask with a single oval lens and an anti-allergic silicon skirt