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Mundial 3


The perfect free diving partner


  • Get the best out of your free diving sessions. The Mundial 3 not only lets you record, display and analyse your dives to help you improve, but also allows you to configure and personalise various alarms for your training sessions
  • Batteries can be replaced by the user
  • Readouts during the dive: current depth, dive time
  • Readouts on surface: maximum depth and dive time, time elapsed on surface
  • Alarms: maximum time under water, minimum recovery time on surface, dive depth (3 confi gurable alarms), repeat depth interval
  • Dive history: total number of dives, total dive time, records, data and averages for each dive
  • Two historical modes: daily mode and overall mode (over the lifetime of the device)
  • Memory: up to 99 dives per day
  • Sea water/fresh water options
  • Manual Dive mode selection prior to the free diving session
  • Selection of the start depth in Dive mode (start of dive time counter): 0.6m / 1.2m / 1.8m